About Us

Santa Cruz Coffee

In the year 2000, Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting became the first licensed Fair
Trade coffee roaster on the central California coast. By 2001, Colleen, Bronson,
and their daughter Sarah had traveled to visit coffee farming families in
Nicaragua and to film " In Our Hands: Sustainable Relationships in Specialty
Coffee", a documentary produced to educate coffee lovers about the importance
of Fair Trade in the coffee industry.

Colleen continued her adventures in the coffee world, traveling numerous times to coffee growing regions in Central America, South America,
the coffee farmers. Over the years, Colleen and Bronson both served on the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). In 2005 Colleen was diagnosed with
terminal illness. Shortly before her death in 2006, she was given the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Women's Coffee Alliance for her tireless dedication to coffee farming communities around the world.Bronson and her daughter Sarah Crosby-Baker, now General Manager of Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting,continue to uphold Colleen's vision and the family’s commitment to
excellence in coffee roasting, coffee quality,and quality of life for their farming partners.