Tea Selections

Organic Assam Breakfast

Black Tea
Middle: Robust and sweet
Finish: Complex texture

This organic tea leaves grown in Assam, India.

Organic Earl Gray

Black Tea
Middle: Robust
Finish: Elegant, deep and round

The flavor from natural bergamot oil. Oil from a citrus
fruit grown in Bergamo, Italy.

Organic Mountain High Chai

Black Tea
Middle: Full bodied
Finish: Rich spices

In India, tea is served spiced, sold on the street by the Chai-Wallah.
You can sweeten up your cuppa' chai with some sugar
or smooth it out with milk.

Organic Tropical Goji

Green Tea
Middle: Smooth and rich
Finish: Slightly tangy

We brewing them with mango pieces and other tropical natural flavors.

Organic Peppermint

Caffeine: NONE
Middle: Gentle and rich
Finish: Floral and soft
This tea is entirely caffeine free and is a great after-dinner mint

Organic Chamomile

Caffeine: NONE
Middle: Gentle
Finish: Floral and soft
It's sweet, relaxing and the best chamomile you'll ever have.

Organic Pomi-berry

Caffeine: NONE  
Middle: Smooth and rich
Finish: Sweet berry
Pomi-Berry might be the Goldilocks of herbal berry tea. With a combination of calming chamomile, zippy forest berries and fruity strawberry,