Cuppa City Roast

Sweet Vanilla -nut and worm spices unfold in this blend
of South American and high -grown Central American coffee.

Zoom Brew

This brew is full of richness and caffeine. It has a smooth finish
with a light tang.


This creamy, sweet coffee has a nutty, distinctly buttery flavor.
With just a hint of milk chocolate and brown sugar.


This mellow coffee with low acidity and toasted hazelnut tones will
make your morning bright.

Indian Monsooned Malabar

The harvested and processed beans are exposed to the monsoon winds for a period
of about three to four months, which creates a sweet and syrupy brew.
The blend has a hint of chocolatey aroma and notes of spice and nuts.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Floral notes of honeysuckle and jasmine.
Flavor of dried apricot and spices makes this cup of coffee delightfully satisfying.

Guatemalan Hue Hue Tenango

This coffee has pleasant medium acidity and elicits hints of sweet toasted nuts.

Tanzanian Peaberry

Coffee on the rich, volcanic slopes below Kilimanjaro. The tast of winey sharp-tangy coffee.
And always a flavorful cup.


A beautiful consistent beans with a bright wine-like acidity and sweet tobacco.