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What is Fair Trade?

When you buy a cup of coffee, you are not simply, giving your money to the person at the cash register. Your purchase is the last link in a chain of transactions which starts with the farmers who planted, nurtured, and picked the coffee that you are enjoying. As a consumer, you have a choice of who receives your money and how it is used. By choosing to purchase Certified Fair Trade coffee, you are ensuring that the farmers whose livelihood depends on the sale of their coffee are paid a fair price for their efforts. This is the surface of the idea of fair trade: however, the concept goes much further than is often realized. Importers of Certified Fair Trade coffee are obligated to buy their product at a price which is set to ensure the democtatilcally organized farming groups reveive a guaranteed minimum floor price. In doing this, the importers ensure that more money goes directly to the farmers which empowers farmers to develop the business capacity needed to compete in the global marketplace. Fair Trade farmers decide democtatically how to invest the revenues of their products Farming communities are improved by investments in school, housing, and other projects which ensure the health and success of the farmers, as well as well as social and business development projects such as scholarships programs and quality improvement trainings.