About Holley

"Las Vegas". "Le Reve". "Holley's Cuppa". What do these three things have in common? Answer. "Holley Steely". Holley is a performer in the hit show "Le Reve". Holley is also the owner and operator of the very successful "Holley's Cuppa". This unique coffee shop is on its way to becoming one of the most prestigious coffee shop businesses in all the Las Vegas valley. With it's very unique method of grinding the beans up on the spot and using what is called the pour over method, this results in making the freshest cup of coffee possible. You will not find any coffee shop in all of Las Vegas quite like "Holley's Cuppa". Yet the road to make "Holley's Cuppa" a success was long and could have never been done without the foresight and passion of this coffee extraordinaire.
Five year's ago Holley had a dream. This dream was to give Las Vegas and it's wonderful occupants the best coffee possible. It was then that Holley hit the road to make this dream a reality and began attending coffee seminars. Researching and traveling to coffee farms, roasters, and independent coffee shops became a part of every day life.

Exhausting herself, working countless hours at various coffee shops she learned and absorbed all the information she could on how to become the best in the business. With all this knowledge and information Holley has become a coffee connoisseur. Las Vegas' beautiful Mountain's Edge community has embraced "Holley's Cuppa" and has made it a hot spot for gathering's such as; fostering and showcasing local talent, and having open mic nights. So if your in the neighborhood come on in and wrap your hands around a warm cup of coffee because at "Holley's Cuppa" every cup is made with the tender, love and care that it deserves.