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What's in your Cuppa?

The coffee bean is the seed of a cherry that grows on variety of evergreen coffee trees. In the region known as the Coffee Belt, which exists between 23.5 degrees above and 23.5 degrees below the eqatore. Coffee tree can grow as high as 20 feet. Each tree will contain cherries in varying stages of ripeness. Only the quality coffee cherries must be harvested by hand as they ripen. It takes the coffee tree 5-6 months to mature on the branch. And each cherry contains two coffee beans, and most coffee trees can produce 1-2 pounds of coffee per year. There are two methods of removing the pulp from a coffee cherry, the wet method and the dry method.

Wet Method

A machine called a wet mill strips away the skin and the pulp from the coffee bean. They are then fermaented to 24-72 hours to improve body and flavor. Most coffees are processed by this method.

Dry Method

The whole coffee cherries are dried in the sun for 2-3 weeks. A hulling machine is then used to strip the fruit and the pulp from the bean. Allowing the bean to dry inside the skin it imparting intence fruit and more sugar to the bean.